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Archive for January, 2009

Guanajuato Jan 22

The word Guanajuato comes from the word Quanax-Huat in a native language called Purépecha, according to investigators this has two meanings: “A place where the hills are full of frogs” or “Place where there are many hills” In pre-Hispanic times the region was inhabited by nomadic tribes known as Chichimecas. more…

Monarch Butterflies Sanctuary Jan 19

The monarch butterfly, in addition to its great beauty, is characterized by its strength and longevity, because while other species of butterflies have a life cycle of 24 days, the monarch lives up to nine months that means 12 times more than others.

They avoid dying in Canada and the United States, where they could not withstand the strong winter. Every year, monarch butterflies arrive to the forests of the many reserves in Mexico, in late October, it is estimated that they travel between 3500 and 4500 kilometers, it takes about 25 days and they travel about 120 kilometers per day; they remain until March, when they make the incredible feat of flying back to the United States and Canada.