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Mineral Del Monte May 06

Mineral Del Monte is a city in the State of Hidalgo, of great importance for tourism, with a large mining ancestry, lies 2770 meters above sea level, the highest in Mexico. In colonial times, all that was under the dominion of the Spanish crown, was named as “Real” for this reason the town is also known as Real del Monte.

It has a great historic value for having one of the first mines in the country, for being the place with the first strike in America, and where the first football game was played in Mexico. Real Del Monte was named a “Pueblo Mágico” in 2004.

Tourists can stroll through the narrow town’s steep streets and stairways; the small squares are lined with low buildings, some dating back to colonial times, also enjoy the view of the multicolored houses, some of which have remodeled the interior to leave them as they were a century ago. The most important examples are the Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption, dating from the sixteenth century and the Chapel of Santa Veracruz located in the main square and the downtown itself, like the houses with high sloping roofs and chimneys that show the British influence.

It is also known for its silver mines operated by Don Pedro Romero de Terreros, who got so great riches that gave a large loan to the Spanish crown and several warships to the king. At the time of his death the mining industry fell. But in 1824 British people leased the mine and started to work in the mines again. They brought to the region, the first steam engines, football and the now famous “Pastes”, little pies made from flour, butter and salt, stuffed with beef, potatoes and onions, its name is a degeneration of the word “pastry”, as it was lunch of the British miners.

In the early twentieth century there were over 140 mines in this population. In some years, the exploitation of silver in the region ranked first in the world. The Acosta Mine is an old mine that has been conditioned as a museum where people can see what were the warehouses, machine rooms and a 400 m underground cave where the visitor is equipped with a helmet, lamp, mining overall and boots. The Acosta Mine is famous for having one of the oldest mining chimneys and best preserved. Here tourists can find items such as silver bracelets, bangles, jewelry and reproduction of monuments in general. In July, takes place the Silver fair which presents cultural events and a display of products made in silver.

The British Cemetery is a site full of mystery and nostalgia where from its summit is possible to have a nice view of the population. According to tradition, all the graves are geared towards United Kingdom, except one, of the clown Richard Bell, who ordered his tombstone was oriented in the opposite direction in protest of the contempt of their countrymen; people can see today that his tomb is the only one that contradicts the geometric order of the cemetery.

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