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Ensenada Sep 12

Ensenada is the most important port in Baja California; known as the “Cinderella of the Pacific”, it is located in the southwest of Mexicali, the capital city of the State of Baja California. In this place tourists can find some of the quietest beaches of the north Pacific, ideal for scuba diving and kayaking, as well as numerous parks where is possible to practice a wide range of ecotourism activities. In 1542 the Spanish ships arrived in Ensenada, with the mission of explore the northern coast of the Pacific, they took possession of the place on the name of the Spanish Crown and named the port, San Mateo. They stayed seven days exploring the region and then continued their journey northward. This visit had no more significance, except that the bay was registered in the Spanish nautical charts. Almost sixty years later, the General Sebastian Vizcaino came and renamed the bay as “Ensenada de Todos los Santos”, and although this is the actual name, everybody called Ensenada to the bay, the port and the city.

In the National Park “Constitution 1857” is located one of the most beautiful natural sites in Baja California, the Laguna de Juarez, this lagoon is located in the middle of a natural reserve of 5,000 hectares of pine and oak forest with several trails ideal for activities as mountain biking and hiking.

In the “San Pedro Martir” National Park, we can find the highest point of the peninsula; the view is towards the desert of San Felipe and the Gulf of California where is possible to find waterfalls, palm trees and indigenous petroglyphs, extremely interesting for hikers, walkers and explorers. It also has an observatory of the National University of Mexico from which there is a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.

“La Bufadora”, is a tourist attraction, which throws, from small breezes to large jets of seawater, the amount and height of this vary depending on how high is the tide. Generally there is a water jet every one or two minutes. Launching water jets up to 20 meters, this geyser is considered the second largest marine geyser in the world. The water comes under pressure because there is a crack forming an underground cave filled with air, and when filled with water, the air is compressed and, therefore, the higher compression the higher shoots water. The name of the geyser is because the strength is such that it produces a peculiar sound, like a snort of a wild beast. There is a legend among the locals, who say that a long time ago there was a baby whale separated from the group to go to browse to the coast, but it got stuck between the rocks, it tried to call the other whales to get some help but they did not listen, so it decided to launch a water jet and then a larger one and so on, over time the whale slowly became stone until it was finally merge with the rocks of the place.

In this wonderful bay is also possible to practice activities such as sport fishing, biking, surfing, hiking, camping, horse riding and observation of flora and fauna; as well as observe the gray whales which year after year come looking for warm waters. This spectacle which goes on December until the end of March, is so amazing that the Sport Fishing Association, have developed a special tour to admire the whales from very near.

The tourists can also enjoy and learn more about wine production in Mexico, with the Wine Route, visiting the production houses and it’s vineyards such as Viña de Liceaga, with productive vineyards from which emerged the red wine Merlot and white wine CheninBlanc, also the Chateau Camou located in the Valley of  Guadalupe, the house La Cetto, the largest in the region, whose vineyards have sprung up products such as wines La Cetto Don Luis Terra, and Blanc de Zinfandel; and Casa Pedro Domecq, the oldest of Mexico with spectacular vineyards due to the grapes that are harvested.

It is said that around 1938 in the city of Ensenada was born the world-famous beverage commonly called “Margarita”. Danny Negrete owned a local restaurant called “Rancho La Gloria”. The restaurant was frequented by actors and other celebrities who traveled to the popular beaches. Marjorie ‘Margarita’ King, a regular customer of the restaurant, was allergic to all alcohol except tequila which she did not like the taste. As a challenge, asked Danny to prepare her something with the tequila but that she liked the taste. Danny combined tequila, lime, ice and salt. The result delighted Marjorie. The new drink was named “Margarita” in her honor

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