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Mazatlan Nov 24

Mazatlan is one of the largest harbors in the Pacific coast, is located in the south of Sinaloa and is known as the Pearl of the Pacific because of the beauty of its beaches and its rich marine life. This destination combines traditional architecture of its historic center, known as Old Mazatlan, with modern hotels and restaurants of the spectacular Golden Zone, with over 20 km of beautiful beaches, ideal for surfing, diving and sport fishing of marlin and sailfish. Here tourists can find sites with natural resources and great golf courses, overlooking the sea and two marinas that offer docking and maintenance services for all types of boats. Mazatlan held cultural and sporting events such as International Golf Tournaments, the Grand International Tennis Tournament, fishing tournament Bisbee’s Billfish Classic, the Cultural Festival of Mazatlan, the Arts Festival of Sinaloa, and the Carnival, one of the most famous in the world, held in late February.

In Mazatlan it is possible to find an architectural wealth, finding in its streets, colonial buildings and representative monuments; squares, are the favorite meeting place of locals and tourists. The Plaza of the republic is the most representative, here, it is located the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, which brings together inside and outside Moorish and Gothic styles, and also the municipal building and the central buildings of telegraph and postal services. Also, people can admire several monuments that represent the culture and tradition of this port; the most representatives are: the monument to the fisherman, the most important because it integrates symbolic elements of the sea, the monument to Life, one of the most beautiful in the harbor, the Statue of Queen of the Seas (The Mermaid) and the Monument of women which was created to honor the beauty of women of Mazatlan.

Mazatlan is a destination where tourists can see abundant flora and fauna, as its excellent climatic conditions allow the development of rich and varied ecosystems. The three islands (las tres islas) are located about 3 km from Mazatlan, and are formed by the islands of Birds, Deer and Wolves, where it is promoted the preservation of flora and fauna of the region as an important environmental center. In Hacienda of Deer people can find over 30 species of animals and also the Creston Hill, where people can practice ecotouristic activities, it is possible to climb until reach its peak, where there is a lighthouse considered as the second natural beacon, after the Rock of Gibraltar, and where tourists can admire the beautiful scenery of the southern port of Mazatlan.

With over 20 km of coastline, Mazatlan offers beautiful beaches easily accessible. Spectacular cliffs and lush vegetation highlight the beauty of these sites of crystalline waters. The diversity of the waves allows different water activities like kayaking, swimming, parachute, diving and surfing, plus tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery on walks to the seashore or on a ride. The North Beach is one of the many beaches in Mazatlan. With an area of over 16 km the North Beach is one of the longest beaches in the country. The water is very calm and transparent and can be dived to a depth of around 10 meters, and it is possible to admire the great diversity of marine life and locate the legendary wreck of the sunken ship. In the deer Beach, located on the island of the same name, tourists have the opportunity to see petroglyphs and stone carvings made by the ancient inhabitants of Sinaloa coast.

Mazatlan is an excellent place to enjoy world-class sport fishing, due to the large variety of fish found in its waters. The port is host of Billfish Classic Sport Fishing Tournament. In the golden zone in the north of Mazatlan is located at the touristic corridor where beaches are ideal for sport fishing because it is rich in marine fauna. Mazatlan has also gained global fame for the magnificent waves ideal for surfing, that some of its beaches provide. The best season for this activity is from May to September which is when the best waves are generated. Olas Altas beach (high waves), is unique, because its sands are moved from place depending on the season, giving the appearance that the rocks change their position. This beach is ideal for surfing, especially if weather conditions are favorable.

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