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Patzcuaro Jul 02

Patzcuaro is a city and region of the state of Michoacán. It is one of the points that identify the state of Michoacán and was the major pre-Hispanic religious center since its former inhabitants say that this was the gate of heaven where the gods ascended and descended, so its original name was Tzacapu-ansucutin Patzcuaro, which translates as “gate of heaven.” Pátzcuaro is categorized by the Ministry of Tourism as one of the Pueblos Mágicos, in a tour, the tourist will find churches of the XVI century, coexisting with buildings from XVII and XVIII century, colorful houses and cobblestone streets, rich traditions, crafts and a varied cuisine . When touring the city tourist can have a view of Lake Patzcuaro, the island of Janitzio, beautiful green mountains and sky with different shades of blue.

The House of eleven patios is a building from 1742, where the mid-eighteenth century was occupied by the Dominican Sisters. The set of colonial buildings in it gave its name, where they exhibit and sell a variety of regional handicrafts and colonial furniture made of wood, cork products, blankets, masks, toys, metalwork and jewelry art. In this place you can visit the workshops where these crafts are created. Tourists can also visit the handicraft market of wood, where they can find a wide variety of works in hand-made wood, from pieces of the natural color of wood and without any coating, until finely decorated pieces, with very variety of colors and finishes. The Square of Vasco de Quiroga is one of the most beautiful in America, and is surrounded by colonial buildings.

The General Pier is usually the main point of departure for boats heading for the islands of Lake Patzcuaro. In Lake Patzcuaro are five islands, but Janitzio is most important, its original name is Purépecha Janitsïo which means Flower of wheat or corn, is located 20 minutes from the pier and at its peak there is a monument of national hero of revolution of independence José María Morelos y Pavón. This monument contains within it a collection of paintings that describe the biography of the Mexican hero. There is a lookout at the top of the structure where you can see all around the island as well as significant proportion of Lake Patzcuaro. Visitors can enjoy in a short journey the show of the fishermen in their boats, as remembrance of fishing, when it was done formerly. The deployment of fishing gear (nets in the form of a butterfly) in a given time is a very beautiful spectacle.

Patzcuaro is known for the Night’s dead festival (Noche de Muertos), it is the biggest event of the year on 1 and 2 November. The traditional belief is that in this date the soul of the dead come back to eat, drink and share with loved ones, takes place in communities along the banks of Lake Patzcuaro and the island of Janitzio. Colors, candles, altars, food, visiting the cemeteries, cultural events and music are part of this traditional festival. In each community customs are a little different, even the warmth of the people and memories for the tourists is always special. During this festival people can eat the traditional dead’s bread, prepared with flour, yeast and water, cooked in wood-fired oven.

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