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Michigan Beach Mar 25

Michigan Beach located in the State of Guerrero; also called Island of Birds is an entry from sea to land, protected body of water that has limited access to the open sea. Tourist attraction for 22 years and was named like that because of a tourist from Switzerland who lived on Lake Michigan in the United States come to this beach and said it looked a lot like Michigan, and even the original name is Lagoon “El Plan” is well known as Michigan Beach or Birds Island.

In such estuaries, lagoons always find the bar area of beach that lies between the lagoon and the sea, which determines, according to their extent of openness, the degree of access to the ocean.

The diversity of fish species is huge, like saltwater and freshwater species and some that resist both. Also, a great variety of birds lives in this area and coexists among mangrove islands, palm trees and in general about this extraordinary tropical vegetation, where we can still find some virgin beaches.

This beach has a turtle camp that runs over 10 years ago, with the cooperation of the community and some volunteers who come each year from around the world to assist in the preservation of these reptiles. The eggs are rescued from being destroyed by their natural predators or stolen by some people for illegal sale, then placed in a nest under the sand in a fenced area for their protection. Each nest consists of about 300 eggs and is marked with a wooden board which indicates the turtle’s date of birth; they must be born after 45 days of incubation in the white sand of the Pacific. The day for the birth, the volunteers help the turtles going out from the sand digging delicately with their hands to place them in a kind of pool with salt water and are released at sunset on the beach, a few meters of the ocean. Only in 2006 were 150 thousand turtles released.

The birds island also had set of branches, and many places which offers camping sites and activities such as sunbathing on the beach, walk to the bar (place where it joins the estuary to the sea) which is approximately 1.5 km., where you can watch birds, and about there, swim in the estuary and boat rides to go to Mangrove.

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