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Tequesquitengo Dec 07

Tequesquitengo is a beautiful place located just 90 minutes from Mexico City, which offers an excellent climate with warm sunshine almost the entire year, contact with nature, and a variety of experiences and activities for people who likes challenges, such as air sports, where you can learn to fly a plane or do parachute.With water sports people have many different activities, like swimming, snorkeling, give a ride on a jet ski or on a boat, water ski, or practice diving to admire the rests of the ancient village that remains in the depths of the lake.The great gastronomic offer in its restaurants and beach clubs, offer dishes of the highest quality of international or regional authentic flavor.On the night of the weekend is fun and healthy environment for their nocturnal discotheques and the promenade at the Bar-Co to ride the waters of the lake, or simply enjoy a pleasant evening with a night full of stars in one of the many gardens that surround the lake.HistoryThe name of Tequesquitengo is due to the abundance of Tequesquite, or carbonate soda, that the inhabitants used to produce soap. At the center of the village there was a temple; but in the XIXth century, the owners of the Hacienda San Jose Vistahermosa, transform all the land of the people available in irrigated lands for planting sugar cane.Diverting excess water into the valley, increasing the level of water to such a degree that the inhabitants of the village had to leave to live in the upper reaches, in 1865, the water came to fill up until the tower of the temple.

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