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Hermosillo Aug 05

Located 281 km south of the border city of Nogales, in northwestern Mexico, Hermosillo is the capital of Sonora State, this city is known as the “Sun City”; it has architectural attractions like the Cathedral and the Government Palace and many historic museums of the city. In the surroundings the tourists can find nature reserves such as the Centre Ecological of Sonora, which performs an important role in conservation of ecosystems that characterize the region and the Special Reserve of the Biosphere Cajon del Diablo, of great scientific interest.

Hermosillo has an old and beautiful architectural style which will show you the importance of the historic city. As the Cathedral of the Assumption, which is one of the most important buildings in the city, built in eclectic style, with decorative elements of neoclassical and neo-Gothic, or the Government Palace, which was inaugurated in early S. XIX, it presents a neoclassical facade and a clock tower. The structure also highlights the internal courtyard and stairs, in whose walls there is a series of mural paintings in a contemporary style.

The hill of the bell (Cerro de la Campana) is located in front of the Museum of Sonora and is a symbol of Hermosillo, in the top is a viewpoint from which you can see the city and its environs. Since 1909, it was inaugurated as the viewpoint of the city par excellence. The name of the hill comes from its shape like a bell observed from east to west.

In Hermosillo is also possible to practice all sorts of extreme sports, also camping, diving, and even hunting, since it has large ecological reserves that will allow you to practice the observation of flora and fauna, such as the Ecological Center of Sonora which has also an astronomical observatory and some areas where are exhibit some exotic species. On some reservations, like El Cajon del Diablo, you can find a wide variety of endangered species.

Shark Island (Isla Tiburón) is the largest island in the state, and is separated from the mainland by a narrow channel of only three kilometers, called Strait Infiernillo. The island is uninhabited, except for a military installation located in the east of the island. It is managed as an ecological reserve by the government, and tourists can find species like bighorn sheep, white-tailed deer and a variety of reptiles that inhabit the coastal dunes. On the outskirts of Hermosillo two ranches can be found ideal for organized hunting practice, of various species such as wild boar, bighorn sheep and others.

Near Hermosillo it is possible to find coastal waters and sandy beaches where you can admire a great variety of marine species, and several artificial reefs ideal for scuba diving; in Kino Bay people can see hundreds of fish, shellfish, manta-rays and sea lions; In San Carlos you can dive on two artificial reefs created from the remains of a boat and a ferry. In these bays is also allowed the sport fishing, and there are organized national and international tournaments, here you can find species such as tuna, sailfish, dorado, marlin, sawfish, barrel, salmon, and giant squid, all year.

In Hermosillo you can enjoy the best dishes of the state of Sonora, among which are the food prepared from products of the sea as “caldo largo” a seafood soup, as well as different kinds of fish, prepared with rich spices and as a dessert the famous “Coyote”: delicious flour tortillas with piloncillo.

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