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Comala Feb 21

Comala is a small town in the state of Colima, its name comes from the Nahuatl “comalli” which means “place of comal”, (Comal is a type of traditional cookware used mostly to make or to warm tortillas); this destination is also known as “America’s white town” thanks to the fact that most of its white facades are highlighted by its red roofs. This town is famous for the excellent weather, its streets, its cuisine and the people who jealously keeps their traditions. In 1988 it was declared an Area of Historic Monuments and in 2002 was elected to the national program “Magic Towns of Mexico”. It is one of the most famous places of Colima by the legend, folklore and traditions that are mentioned in the novel Pedro Paramo, from the renowned writer Juan Rulfo, borned in Jalisco. The oldest inhabitants of the territory of Comala settled there 3,000 years ago some of the major cultures were the Olmec, Nahuatl, Toltec, Chichimecan and finally the Tarascan at the arrival of the Spanish troops. Many indigenous are still settling in Suchitlan, a town next to Comala.

The main square is the ideal place for take a rest or to have some inspiration. This friendly place is composed of wooded gardens and walkways that lead to small fountains, highlighting the German manufacturing beautiful kiosk which dates from the early twentieth century. On one side of the Plaza, tourist can find the famous Portals of Comala where people can taste the delicious typical dishes of Comala as well as the famous punch, prepared from mezcal and fruits from the region. On one side of the square stands the Parish of San Miguel Archangel, this temple dates from the late eighteenth century, however after the constant changes that have been done to it, it is said that is neoclassical style. In the front you can see two bodies with towers on either side. The first and lowest body is the main access and the second and highest shows a window with arch in stone, on the top of this lays a sculpture of St. Michael the Archangel. Tourists can not miss the Sculpture Garden “Juan Soriano” at the entrance to Comala, a place that exhibits permanently sculptures by local, national and international artists. The creation of this space was motivated by the famous sculptor Juan Soriano, who donated one of his scuptures: “Bird on a wave”.

In de surroundings of Comala there are also many tourist attractions and unique beauty, such as the lagoon of Carrizalillo, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Colima Volcano, in the river it is possible to rent boats, kayaks or a horse to know the area. This place is also suitable for camping and fishing. Tourists can also visit Suchitlan; a village where there are some interesting arts and crafts made by the indigenous from the region, these consist on woven baskets, furniture and the wooden masks that has become famous in the world. 20 km away from Comala is located the National Park Nevado de Colima, there are two peaks in the complex: Nevado de Colima of 4330 meters, is the older and inactive; and the Volcán de Colima with 3860 meters is the younger and very active (also called Volcano of Fire). The park has 9.375 acres; many activities such as hiking, camping and biking are possible thanks to many cliffs, forests, streams, rivers and lakes.

The main festivity in Comala takes place on December 12, day of Guadalupe Virgin, but all the preparations and events start from the first day of the month, covering various cultural and religious events such as processions, bullfights and dances. There are also other festivals where dances and parades are organized, as well as horse competitions, not only races but also to show the most beautiful horses of the region. Near the Portals, tourists can find all kinds of typical crafts: the best known works are the furniture and ornamental objects in carved mahogany but there are some other objects that can be also found, such as baskets, pottery, straw hats and of course “Comales”.

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