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Los Cabos Mar 05

One of the most beautiful and exclusive destinations in Mexico located at the southern tip of Baja California, 220 km south of La Paz. The weather is warm, with a temperature of 26 ° C, stable during most of the year.

Here, during the winter, people can admire one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that occur on the coast of Mexico: the courtship, procreation and birth of gray whales in Magdalena Bay, they migrate every year from the cold areas of Alaska and Liberia, seeking a warmer environment, arriving to the coast of the Sea of Cortez. During the summer you can practice diving, kayaking and sport fishing.

The Arc monumental, unique in the world, is a geological rock formation located at the union of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. The arch is a marvel that becomes even more attractive by the colonies of seals and sea lions that were raging among the rocks, pelicans and other birds flying over the area. The Arc is a real reference point in Los Cabos and only you can reach it by maritime transportation, recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

From San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas, lies the luxurious Resort Corridor of 33 miles long, where is located one of the most important developments of the country for its fine hotels, for its gourmet cuisine, for its excellent golf courses which are considered of the best around the world, for its sport fishing and its beautiful beaches. Los Cabos Hotels are perfectly situated near the beaches.

In Cabo San Lucas is also possible to enjoy the fishing tournaments that are organized, the most famous are the Tournament of Bisbee Black and Blue Marlin which is held in October; in November is carried out the Annual Sports Fishing Tournament Los Cabos which occupies the 15th place in the popularity of sport fishing tournaments around the world, is also the first to give cash prizes to the teams by freeing live fish that were measured once, making this tournament a leader in ecological conservation.

The Sea of Cortez is considered the richest sea in the world, particularly because there are three ocean currents that merge here, creating the particular and varied animal life that abounds in these prolific waters. There are very deep dive, and others lower. One of the best places for diving is Cabo Pulmo, where you can admire the only hard coral reef and one of only three living reefs in North America, more than 350 species exist in total harmony as huge manta rays, sharks, whales and colonies of sea lions.

Located in the heart of San Jose del Cabo, the estuary of San Jose del Cabo is a tropical sanctuary with protected area for birds. This place is home to 150 species of birds, dominate the area of brown pelicans and frigate birds, which only serve to remind us of the closeness of the sea.This place is the mouth of the river San Jose, that runs nearly 48 miles from the mountains of southern Baja California to the edge of the Sea of Cortez, where it forms a gap where it mixes the fresh and salt water, creating an special environment for the development of a particular ecosystem. The estuary covers 1.4 square kilometers of protected land, being the largest in the continent. This area is declared as protected, so the human presence is restricted to activities of a contemplative type, for ensure the natural development of species of fauna and flora. Motorized or mechanical vehicles are prohibited and it is not even possible to enter it by horse, but it is possible to visit this oasis through special tours, with which you can practice hiking and kayaking, preferably guided by trained personnel.

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