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Patzcuaro Jul 02

Patzcuaro is a city and region of the state of Michoacán. It is one of the points that identify the state of Michoacán and was the major pre-Hispanic religious center since its former inhabitants say that this was the gate of heaven where the gods ascended and descended, so its original name was Tzacapu-ansucutin Patzcuaro, which translates as “gate of heaven.” Pátzcuaro is categorized by the Ministry of Tourism as one of the Pueblos Mágicos, in a tour, the tourist will find churches of the XVI century, coexisting with buildings from XVII and XVIII century, colorful houses and cobblestone streets, rich traditions, crafts and a varied cuisine . When touring the city tourist can have a view of Lake Patzcuaro, the island of Janitzio, beautiful green mountains and sky with different shades of blue. more…