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La Venta Jun 15

La Venta is the main archaeological site of the Olmec culture, that had its apogee between 900 b. C. 400 b. C. and it is estimated that the site had a population of at least 1,800 people. It is situated on an island in the middle of the swampy region that forms the Tonala River, which forms the border between Tabasco and Veracruz. The surface of the island is just 5.2 km². In the center of the island, the buildings form a square with a pyramid located in the main center, surrounded by mounds and monuments. The most important structure of this site is a pyramid built of mud, has a height of 31 meters. The recent excavations show that the Pyramid was staggered. more…

Cancun May 08

Cancun is the most important gateway to the Mayan world, where you people find beautiful and legendary archaeological cities and scenic and beautiful beaches. Cancun comes from the Mayan Kaan Kun, which means “nest of snakes”. Is located in the northeast of the Yucatan Peninsula and from its coast is possible to clearly see the Isla Mujeres.

During the classical period and the post-classic Mesoamerican period, the Mayans had a business network from the Laguna de Términos to Honduras, for this activity they established shipping routes for travel touring the entire coast of the now state of Quintana Roo, for this, they made constructions by the sea for trade, as well as to monitor and assist navigation. Today people can find the vestiges of their greatness as the extraordinary strength of Tulum, Coba and City Kohunlich, among others. There are remains of many famous sites, but most of them unexplored. According to studies, the sites of “El Meco, Yamil Lu’um” and “The King” were points inhabited until the sixteenth century. more…