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San Blas May 28

San Blas is a port and city in the state of Nayarit, with a great history, thanks to its ancient colonial monuments and contemporary architecture. It was founded in the seventeenth century and soon became the most important port in the Pacific. It is currently considered one of the destinations that still retain its virgin ecological environment, a natural habitat rich in flora and fauna. more…

Real de Catorce May 24

The village is located in the state of San Luis Potosi in northern Mexico, is a semi-abandoned town in the desert. It is a colonial mining town that currently is almost uninhabited because the production in the mines stopped, the veins were almost empty and people began to leave the town searching for work.

In 1733 it was discovered the first silver vein, but later, in 1744, the village was burned by indigenous groups who were trying to defend themselves from the war of extermination conducted by the Spanish. The town was rebuilt in 1767, thanks to the discovery of new veins of silver in the place, which led to a crowd of miners and adventurers came to the place in search of luck, unleashing a veritable fever of silver in totally unfavorable conditions: no roads, there was no water and supplies were difficult. All this helped later to improve transport links between the capital and Catorce, and the construction of its most representative buildings. more…